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The Ugly Truth About Mobile Apps in the Automotive Industry

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

The following is a true story…

I was recently told my by one of my dealers that a “consultant” informed him, “mobile apps don’t work…no one gets downloads.”

Now I’m sure he is a good consultant and that he has probably done a good job for this dealer….because the dealer “trusts” his judgment.

But my first thoughts were…how can he say that! Mobile apps are predicted to be a $27 billion industry in 2013! Retail giants like Home Depot, McDonalds, Walmart, and Starbucks are making mobile apps a center piece of their growth strategy.

But on second thought…if you don’t have an app that’s actively supported by your app developer and backed by industry-leading best practices, then you might be right!

It’s absolutely mandatory to find an app developer that supports you with a best practice download plan and an account management team that provides you with weekly progress meetings and analytics.

You may also want to choose a developer that offers a lifecycle customer journey, giving your app the steroids it needs to attract and engage with your dealership customers, increasing revenue and customer loyalty.

Mobile technology is the FASTEST technology in HISTORY! It is a marketing channel that you cannot ignore. Apps are present in your neighborhood and people ARE downloading. Those dealers who adopt this channel early will win the market share.

Go here to learn more about how mobile apps are driving dealer success.

Are you running a mobile app in your store? Please share your success stories on this thread.

-          Susie Peeler, Director, Mobile App Sales, DMEautomotive

1987 Called and It Wants Its Service Marketing Back

Monday, September 16th, 2013

The auto industry is experiencing dramatic changes that are completely reshaping the way you need to do business. Consumers have created a new reality as they are driving fewer miles, keeping their vehicles around longer, researching more before they purchase (both vehicles AND service) and communicating on their schedule – not yours. But the alarming truth is that these changes have added up to the trend of increased service intervals, growing over the past 12 months from an average of 140 days between service visits to 145 days.

This mere 5-day increase actually costs you thousands and thousands of dollars each year in lost service revenue – nearly $91,000 per year to be exact – that means $18,000 per service day lost.

Most service marketing programs are based on the best thinking of 1987 – marketing to the vehicle service interval! But it’s time to ditch the best marketing of 1987 and invest in new era marketing strategies that are completely built around the latest industry research, changing consumer behaviors and today’s modern realities. Bring the power of total customer retention to your dealership and destroy the threat of today’s increasing service interval.

Total customer retention is built on 5 key pillars: direct behavioral targeting of your customers, a fully formed marketing strategy including digital and complete mobile marketing capabilities, mid-interval communications, loyalty and prepaid maintenance programs. Each pillar is strategically designed to pinpoint and contact customers at critical transition points, convert sales customers to service customers and to then transition those customers into a full-scale service retention program – keeping them coming back to your sales and service drive, recapturing all of your lost service interval days – and then some.

Direct behavior targeting of customers allows you to communicate using the right language, the right selling points and the right offers to get loyal customers, swing loyal customers and disloyal customers to come into your store, maximizing their spend and minimizing your cost. When your customers are all so different, why would you speak to them the same way, with the same offers? Direct behavioral targeting helps you speak to each customer in the way they want, yielding efficient customer response.

A fully digital and mobile marketing strategy is an absolute MUST in today’s technology based world. Mobile apps, web, and email abilities and the prudent use of texting will carry the continuous customer conversation. Using new technologies like Responsive Email Design, you can provide customers with straightforward call to actions that speaks directly to their needs and desires.

And with today’s increasing service intervals, it’s important to incorporate mid interval communications into your total customer retention strategy, pulling customers back into your service drive more frequently and purchasing high margin items like brakes, tires and batteries. Perfect timing is the key; know when consumers need brakes, tires and batteries, then market to those customers to get them back into your store before their next service interval.

Did you know that 70% of all service dollars are obtained from the top 20% of your customer base? You can’t afford to lose these loyal customers. Implementing loyalty programs that focus on retaining and building your group of loyal customers must be a primary focus in your total customer retention strategy.

Prepaid maintenance programs are also essential retention tools to build loyalty and total customer retention. Your marketing lifecycle needs to market different to prepaid maintenance customers than to your other customers and it’s crucial to keep them coming back to your dealership for all of their prepaid services (and also every other service) – because 56% of those PPM customers are likely to continue servicing at your store even after their plan expires!

Take back your service intervals with a total customer retention plan that’s based on the new era of automotive marketing.