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Responsive Email Design Answers to Mobile

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

More people today use their smartphone for reading emails (79%) than for making phone calls (Adobe 2013 Digital Publishing Report), but because the email is designed for the desktop and not the mind blowing number of mobile devices available in today’s market, most emails make the reading experience on a mobile device next to impossible.

Forty-two percent of email opens now happen on a mobile device (Litmus) and U.S. consumers are heavily influenced by these messages, with 71 percent of mobile purchasing decisions influenced by emails from companies (Adobe 2013 Digital Publishing Report). So what’s an email marketer got to do to deliver a compelling email experience across such a wide variety of devices?

The answer is… use Responsive Email Design technology to create crazy powerful email campaigns, regardless of the device your customer is using to read your emails. Responsive Email Design uses sensing technology embedded in your email to recognize if the email is being read on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and then reformats the email on the fly, creating the best reading experience for that device.

Mobile consumers move fast and tap instead of click, and Responsive Design allows the dealer to focus mobile customers on the actions they want them to take (call us, visit us, forward to a friend, etc.) via large and easily tap-able buttons while still allowing desktop email client users the benefit of reading more copy and accessing more links. When viewed from a mobile device, the email will display a different image, adjust the size of both buttons and text as well as customize the content.

Simply scaling the email content to fit within the device won’t work, as scaled content on a tiny 4 inch screen is difficult to read and nearly impossible to tap with the inherent small screen – fat finger problem. It’s simple, if the content is too small to see on the consumer’s mobile device and not easy to tap, they won’t think twice about sending it straight to the trash.

And with 76 percent of companies already starting to optimize for mobile (Experian), Responsive Email Design is the next must-have function to survive in our digital world.