Could Mobile Apps Be Bigger Than TV?

The time people spend on mobile apps (127 minutes) is actually gaining on the time people spend watching TV (168 minutes). * That’s an increase of 35 percent from one year ago. And when it comes to the auto population, 2 in 3 auto service customers that use mobile apps use them at least daily. **

If your dealership is already running a mobile app, imagine what next year will look like if you’re consumers continue to increase the time they spend on mobile apps. You will be reaching customers that you couldn’t even touch before!

The time spent on Mobile App Games (46%) continues to take the lead, followed by Social Networking (26%), Entertainment (10%) and Utilities (10%). *

With these findings in mind, it’s clearer than ever that your store must have a mobile app in this emerging digital world in order to survive and thrive. And it’s not about getting the consumer to use specific tools with in the app – it’s about getting them to use any tool in the app, getting them to stick. Offering your consumer fun, useful features like games, social networking and utilities (the most used apps out there) that will initially get them in your app, and ultimately using your app.

So when the TV loses a revolutionary battle to the mobile app world, be glad you were there to catch the millions of consumers who will be falling into the palm of your hand.

*Flurry Analytics

**Findings are based on a national survey of 2,000+ U.S. vehicle owners conducted by DMEa’s Strategy & Analytics division.

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