How is your company connecting, on a scale of 1 – Facebook?

Facebook has definitely made a legendary impact on the growth of Internet use across the world and set the highest standard for social media as we know it, but how can your company capitalize on the accomplishments of this social phenomenon?

October 4, 2012 was a seminal day in Facebook history. The company officially hit over one billion users, and that’s not just accounts, its people actively using the site. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, posted a statement to his page thanking users for this honor.

With over 6 million people subscribed to Zuckerberg’s page, more than 500,000 people “liked” the post in the first day alone. And the number is growing by the minute.

Only hours after the announcement of this break through, the company released a brand video, made “to express what [Facebook’s] place is on this earth.” And if I must say so myself, they come to some massive conclusions (Click here to view the video).

They compare the website to tangible structures that pull people, and the world, together by saying chairs, doorbells, basketball, airplanes, bridges, dance floors and the most impactful of all – the universe – “are like Facebook.”

The video shares a fact that we build great nations because, as the human race, we want to feel apart of something. And if you feel alone? Don’t worry – you’re not, because there’s Facebook. Ultimately, through the power of Facebook, the universe can now connect.

However, it wasn’t just the words of the young narrator that provoked a powerful response, it was the cultural images portrayed throughout the entire video. A man reading on his front porch, a man smoking outside his home in the Middle East, a man sitting in China, children playing in the street, dancers performing in studio, family and friends gathered around a dinner table, all connected through the simple commonality of a chair. Facebook used this idea to honor and connect with the everyday objects that unite the people of the world.

Through these simple, yet profound, sequences, Facebook is touching life – relating to individuals spread far across the earth – and letting the world do the talking.

Over 168,000 people have “liked” the video so far.

With over 70 percent of the U.S. web audience on Facebook (and growing), about 50 percent of 18 to 34 year olds checking the site right when they wake up and 28 percent of the population checking Facebook on their smartphone before they’re even out of bed, you can finally be one of the first things people think about in the morning.

You have the opportunity to communicate with the most gigantic audience out there, reaching new demographics and new populations that you’ve never had the chance of influencing before. Facebook allows your company to create an image and a brand beyond your typical marketing approach. It’s about real time interaction outside the normal workspace.

So with the number of Facebook users increasing by the day, are you as connected as you should be? Or are you missing out on a whole population?


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