The Inside Scoop: Millennial Buyers

I think the most life changing phrase I was told growing up was “Google it.” The second most impressionable? “Save your money.”

These notions comingled in my mind and look where it landed me. Yes, It’s fair to say, I’m a Millennial buyer. I research everything, from the best products to the best how-tos, and you better believe I want to be proud of where I’m spending my money. Now I’ll be honest, I’ve never purchased a new car and I’ve never even purchased a car from a dealership. I sport an ancient car from the 90s, and yep, I bought it off a trusted hometown neighbor (Wow do I fit the Millennial stereotype or what?).

So now that you know my dirty secrets you’re either going to give up on me or you’re wondering, ‘How the heck do I sell you a car?’

Well I’m young, full of debt and not going to buy a car for a few more years. But this is the important part: I am already researching my options. Seriously! All you have to do is get me to your dealership and build a relationship with me, your future buyer.

A car might be my second largest life investment, and your dealer needs to understand that me, the Millennial buyer, is just as big (if not bigger) an investment to the future of the automotive industry.

  • I still have a car, get me in for service.

Chances are the more familiar with your dealership I am, the more loyal I will become. Take advantage of my service visits by providing the finest customer service experience. Transform your dealership into more than just a sales floor.

  • I don’t know much about cars, educate me

Treat this like a doctor visit, not a sales call. What’s happening to my car? Provide reports or printouts of my vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses. Why do I need specific services and how long do I have to complete these services? How will your dealership help me overcome these vehicle flaws? Why should I choose your store over a competitor? I need to trust you.

  • My smartphone is my life, connect with me via apps, social media and videos

If you’re up to date with the latest technology then you have a major advantage. Reinvent the automotive experience making it convenient, hassle-free and fun!

  • Keep in touch, I need reminders

Contact me through a mobile app; send service notifications, reminders and specific messages to an exclusive feature on my phone. An app makes it personal, but still easy to connect from both ends.

If your store starts investing in the Millennials then the Millennials will start investing in you.

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