Learn Your Online Clout with Klout

You send out your direct mail, place newspaper ads and get radio spots all for your car dealer marketing efforts. In the end, what you really want to know is your ROI, and for a good reason. If you’re going to spend the time and money, you want to track the results that are being produced and know that your marketing plan is effective.

But how do you track your clout in social media? You send out your tweets and post on Facebook on a regular basis, but is there a way to know how far this message is really reaching? Is it falling on deaf ears? Luckily, you’re not the only one asking this question. Enter Klout.

Klout is one of the many means to understand how effective your online presence is. By assigning a score between 1-100, with a higher number signifying more influence, Klout can literally quantify your automotive marketing efforts and influence.

One of the factors weighed heavily into Klout scores is your interaction. Are your tweets ever retweeted? Do you often get a “Like” or comment? How many people @message you? All of these play an important role in your overall score. What Klout is saying here is that, when you engage with and are engaged by other influential users, your own influence goes up. They aren’t using arbitrary standards to determine your score – they are using factors which actually make Twitter accounts worthwhile.

Perhaps most helpful is that these scores are not secret. You can find out what other’s Klout scores are to see what they are saying, who they engage with, and then interact with them. When you know these scores, you are able to improve on your own and extend the reach of your own influence online.

While Klout is one of the biggest names in understanding social media influence, there are other avenues you can explore: PeerIndex and even Google Analytics can give you some numbers regarding your online standings.

Social media is not a science, but with the right tools, you can determine the effectiveness of your efforts. No longer do you have to forge blindly into car dealer marketing through social media. You can effectively connect and engage and, most importantly, know where to do so.

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