Knowing (and Conquering) SEO in Your Car Dealer Marketing

By now, we all know the value of SEO, or “search engine optimization,” and we potentially use it in our arsenal of automotive marketing.  But to many of us, including those who work with it, SEO is a big mystery. According to Google, there are over 200 SEO factors that go into search results. No one individual can know all of these.

We all want our page to be at the top of the results whenever somebody does a Google search and we are likely to hire somebody in car dealer marketing to help do this. In the constantly evolving world of SEO, however, time passes a bit like dog years: a few months in SEO is more like a few years in the real world. It’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing trends.

Although navigating the world of car dealer marketing and SEO can be tricky, knowing some of the most recent changes can make SEO a bit more understandable:

  • Backlinking isn’t worth its weight in gold anymore. In the past, a backlink from one site to your own could greatly help in rankings. Then people started buying backlinks; they were everywhere but worth nothing. To avoid this, you can produce high quality content to which people will actually organically link. Simply put- don’t put all your eggs in the backlink basket.
  • “Spamming” doesn’t help. Not only has the glut of spam backlinks been caught on to by Google, but now they will punish it. If you have a single profile with which you comment on other blogs for backlinking and you use the same generic comment each time, Google will know. And they won’t be very happy. The same goes for duplicate content. If you have one well written blog with good keyword density and you just post it multiple times, it won’t help any.
  • There is a “sweet spot” in keywords for a blog post. It is important to have a primary keyword that accurately describes your blog post and appears multiple times, but there is such a thing as using it too often. Google calls this “keyword stuffing.” How can you get keyword rich blogs without going over the top? Make sure when reading it that the placement of these words actually makes sense. If it’s used every other sentence, it’s probably too much.

You don’t have to be an SEO genius to know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t let your dealership’s blog be ruined by too much backlinking or overusing keywords.

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