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Tracking & The Science of Automotive Marketing

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Since the basic premise of a science project is to discover “what happens if,” the key element is to track the results so you can make such a determination.Missy Jensen - DMEautomotive

Automotive marketing is no really different.  Every month automotive dealers (and marketing vendors) spend a considerable amount of time, effort and money manipulating various messages, calls to actions and incentives in their automotive marketing pieces…all with the intention to push traffic to the lot and service drive!  Though many dealerships spend hundreds of thousands on advertising and direct marketing, most marginally know the effectiveness of it.


Automotive Industry & Online Reputation Management

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Your dealership’s reputation is something that has taken years and probably millions of dollars to build.  It is something that your dealership likely considers to be one of the most important assets of the company.  So let me ask you this…are you prepared to let someone…and I mean someone you may not even know…somewhere ruin your reputation, because in today’s world anyone with a beef about your dealership and internet access can destroy you in minutes with a few keystrokes. Missy Jensen - DMEautomotive


Automotive Marketing: Do customers really want another loyalty card?

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Customers want to receive the benefits of a loyalty program but don’t necessarily want to carry a card.  In a recent DMEautomotive consumer study, membership cards are the least important feature of a loyalty program especially when retailers accept a customer’s phone number or email address.  So don’t spend the money on this miscellaneous expense; assume the expenses where it counts – discounts.  It should be no surprise, especially when the economy still isn’t that stable, that the most important feature to consumers is discounts on parts and services.