The Importance of Relevancy in Marketing

Relevancy.  All of us in the automotive industry have heard about the importance of relevancy in our direct marketing efforts, almost to the point of ad nauseam, right? (Admittedly, I’m guilty as charged.) However, this past weekend during “the biggest show on earth” we were all reminded that relevancy is equally important in the traditional marketing world…specifically the commercial.Missy Jensen - DMEautomotive

Sure, most of us were easily entertained by the sentimental score of Star Wars and the cute pint-sized Darth Vader who tried endlessly to use the Force around his house, finally experiencing success when he starts his family’s VW Passat engine.  Others found themselves chuckling at a pug unmercifully taunted by a man holding a bag of Doritos or the dog sitter who has the dogs serve beer at the house party.  But there was one particular commercial that generated a lot of Super Bowl talk, both during the game and on Monday morning.

“Imported from Detroit” by Chrysler was, according to Brand Bowl, the commercial that generated the most buzz this year, even though it didn’t score as high as many of the other ads in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter.  So, why did Chrysler, with the help of Eminem, garnish such attention?  Relevancy!

Playing upon key words that resonated with the audience, such as “to hell and back,” “hard work,” “conviction,” and “our story,” as well as graphic images that depict a city beaten down by the collapse of the auto industry, Chrysler’s message really hit home with many who have witnessed the trials and tribulations experienced by Americans as of late.  Unlike the other commercials that focused on lighthearted humor, Chrysler was one of inspiration and resiliency in the face of hardship.  Again, a message that many Americans could identify with…one they found particularly relevant in their lives.

The effect of Chrysler’s poignant ad on sales is still to be determined.  However there are signs of “life” for the auto giant, as “Chrysler 200” – the car highlighted in the commercial – was the most searched term on Google the Monday after.  Additionally, Kelley Blue Book reported that of the automakers that advertised during the Super Bowl, web traffic increased the most (213% to be precise) for the Chrysler brand on   They also reported a 1013 % increase in traffic for the Chrysler 200.  So perhaps Chrysler and Eminem’s reminder that the Motor City – and its people – are capable of producing luxury vehicles will ring true in such a way that it will pay off in the form of increased sales for the automaker.

Relevancy.  It’s a difficult thing to accomplish in commercials…especially during the “Big Game” when most people are expecting a good laugh and entertainment.  It’s hard to identify with a man who’s blocked in by a bunch of chimps or the house sitter who brings your grandfather back from the dead.  No…It’s not every day that together, a struggling car marker and a talented artist, attempt to reposition themselves for a come back…a message that resonates deep with the American people.

~ Missy Jensen, Social Media Manager at DMEautomotive

Missy designs, deploys and maintains the social media initiatives for DMEautomotive in an effort to increase brand awareness, distribute company and industry news, provide updates on products and services and promote consumer engagement. Missy enjoys the process of learning; researching and watching projects come to fruition!

Prior to her transformation into a web specialist and work with DMEautomotive, she has 10 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. Missy served as the Director, Handicapping & Communications for a regional golf association and helped successfully launch and maintain a cutting edge technology-based ticket resale program on behalf of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Missy attended St. Lawrence University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Psychology. She also holds a Master’s Degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH. She can be reached at and check her out on LinkedIn.

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