The ABCs of SEO for Car Dealer Marketing

In the highly competitive environment of automotive marketing, online search results for your car dealership can potentially make or break you.—The quality of the links, however, versus the quantity of the links is what will have a true impact on prospects making a purchase decision. Missy Jensen - DMEautomotive

With that in mind, the following points can help give you a good start in putting together a search engine optimization (SEO) plan that can yield positive results and improved page rankings for your dealership.

Map that site. In the web design process, mapping out a site for navigation is crucial.  It is that step that helps enable search engines to find your dealership’s pages.  The site map also serves a mental roadmap for online users.  Having a clear, concise map of your website serves as an important starting point in SEO planning.

Properly labeled, sized images. If you’re in the business of selling vehicles, it’s a given that you’re putting pictures of your vehicles online for viewing.  Finding bold, clean images is important in selling.  For SEO and web purposes, however, the images should also be properly labeled and sized.  By using a keyword-rich alt tag, search engines get a sense of what an image is about.  The labels will help a dealer’s SEO results; the size of the images will aid in website load times and user experience.

Optimize it. This is perhaps the nuts and bolts of SEO for automotive dealerships: the optimization of your content.  Website content should consist of relevant key words and phrases that web users utilize when searching for a vehicle.   Using a tool like Google Analytics can help fill your content with relevant search terms that improve your SEO and page rankings, putting your dealership in the driver’s seat.

Keep it up to code. Cascading style sheets—or CSS—sets the stage for improving the SEO friendliness of your dealership’s website design.  Utilizing CSS reduces the amount of unnecessary code on the backend of your web pages, improving load times and navigation for users.  It also aids search engines as it allows for its search mechanisms to scan your content at an improved pace.

SEO planning is an important tool for improving your dealership’s website traffic.  These four important points will certainly help in enhancing your dealership’s web presence and help establish it as a place to visit and buy a new or pre-owned vehicle.

~ Missy Jensen, Social Media Manager at DMEautomotive

Missy designs, deploys and maintains the social media initiatives for DMEautomotive in an effort to increase brand awareness, distribute company and industry news, provide updates on products and services and promote consumer engagement. Missy enjoys the process of learning; researching and watching projects come to fruition!

Prior to her transformation into a web specialist and work with DMEautomotive, she has 10 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry. Missy served as the Director, Handicapping & Communications for a regional golf association and helped successfully launch and maintain a cutting edge technology-based ticket resale program on behalf of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Missy attended St. Lawrence University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Psychology. She also holds a Master’s Degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH. She can be reached at and check her out on LinkedIn.

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