Bring in the Hook, Bring in the Pain: How To Get Your Customers in the Door

In my last blog, we discussed how themed products could impact your target direct marketing (TDM) campaigns.  We emphasized how formulating a strategy and creating a theme for your TDM initiatives can get your target’s attention and get them in your automotive dealership’s doors.

Recently, we have also pondered so the question: “How many times does your door swing and your cash register ring?”Paul Ryan, DMEautomotive

Now we’ll tackle the biggest facet of making your door swing and grabbing your customer’s attention to visit your dealership …CREATE PAIN!  Simply put, creating “pain” is giving your customers reason to visit your dealership and create sales traffic.

So what would quickly create “pain”? People are always willing to discuss the features and benefits of a current product or promotion; you’re planting a seed in their minds that something else might be a better option.

More importantly, what is this pain they incur by not purchasing and can they live without it?  Furthering that, would your customers be losing money if they do not conduct business with you today, this week or even next month?

To get their attention, always describe and expose the pain of not purchasing today.  In other words, show your customers what they lose by not buying today and would could the consequences be should they pass on their decision.

That’s where the “Hook/Pain” strategy comes into play.

So what price do you set to “hook” this product onto a consumer where they still feel good after the purchase?

One “hook” to use would be to find the value of a product, expose it and give it a new, unbelievable Price Tag.  The price tag sets the bar for perceived value and needs to be an identifiable value that would noticeably lost if not owned-type of value.

A hook is supposed to make the pain feel good.  If someone’s in the market for brakes, you want them to feel like they shouldn’t miss the latest brake special; if they’re in the market for a new car, the customer should have the perception that they cannot afford to miss the opportunity to buy a new car.  In offering a price tag that’s so ridiculously affordable, it’s an offer that’s too good to refuse and therefore, you’re always promoting a “hook” for the “pain”.

The key to the automotive direct marketing campaign is simple: create a theme that offers to relieve the recognized “pain” by offering a “hook” as a call to action to get the customer to immediately visit the dealership to act on the “hook”.

In my next blog item, we’ll attack the strategies involved in how to determine the “Message” for your TDM.

Happy planning…

~ Paul Ryan, Field Account Manager @ DMEautomotive

Bio: Paul Ryan brings over 25 years of experience in sales, sales management, marketing, and client services. He joined DMEautomotive in February of 2008, as a Regional Territory Manager. With proven success as an inside sales representative selling the FullCircle Solutions’ Bullseye program, he was recognized frequently as Sales Person of the Month and received the highest honor of Sales Person of the Year for 2008. In August of 2009, Paul managed, “Direct-To-Dealer” – Mail Division, responsible for overseeing the sales for the “Direct-To-Dealer” Mail Division. Currently he is traveling in the Midwest as Field Account Manager. Paul graduated with a B.B.A, in Business Administration from Iowa State University in 1982.

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