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My name is Steve Dozier, and first and foremost, I’m not a “blogger”! However, I do know there are hundreds of thousands of blogs online. Which do you pay attention to? How many are written by people with real experience versus those with opinions on every topic known to man. I’ve always asked myself: Is this just an opinion, or have the things that this person writes about been tried and tested in a real world scenario? Not only are those the questions I’ve asked myself about the “truth” behind someone’s blog, those are historically the problems I’ve had with bloggers. It’s because of those concerns that I can count the number of blogs I’ve read on one hand and still have a few fingers left. However, several experts in the automotive industry have asked me for the last 4 months to share my knowledge of the automotive industry via a blog.

Since I have my own personal concerns about blogs and bloggers, I owe it to those that read this to explain where my writings come from and “The Rules” that will apply to my blog. First, there will be nothing written in this blog that has not been learned from a dealership. Second, there will be nothing written that’s “my opinion”. Everything you read in this blog will be something that has been tested and proven to produce results.

I’ve developed relationships with automotive dealers across the country. Some stores have sold a lot of cars and made a lot of money. Some stores don’t sell many cars at all, but do so much wholesale business they don’t care. I’ve worked with the most profitable service departments in the country. But I’ve also worked with dealerships that have been stagnant for the last 10+ years. I have spent years learning how and why dealers are successful and why they aren’t. You can learn just as much from a dealer who has been stagnant as you can from a dealer who grows every year. Let’s get on the same page with my definition of success – it’s not selling a ton of cars, it’s not completing a lot of service RO’s, and it’s not retaining a large number of customers. My definition of success in this industry is how profitable your dealership is Period. Nothing else really matters! I’ve been in stores that sell 700+ cars a month and don’t make any money. I’ve been involved with dealerships that work their tails off to get to 100 + cars a month and need an escort to the bank. The number one thing I’ve learned in the front end, F&I, Service, fleet and wholesale is the need for SOLID EVERYDAY PROCESSES. So if you want to know how the best of the best do it, you’ll want to read this blog going forward. It’s about one thing – The processes you’ll need to be successful!

So I hope that I’ve given you good reasons to follow my blog and apply what I share with you at your dealership.

~ Steve Dozier, Sales Director @ DMEautomotive


Steve Dozier brings 15 years of experience in the automotive industry to DMEautomotive. Before joining Full Circle Solution and DMEautomotive, he held upper level management positions in the retail industry. Steve also owned a consulting company that specialized in CRM and direct mail, which brought in $2 Million in Sales for approximately 5 years. While serving as a consultant Steve was consistently recruited by the top 3 CRM firms of that time.

Since starting with DMEautomotive Steve has held a managerial position overseeing the Dealer-to-Dealer team. He is responsible for the entire telephony sales department.

Steve is married with two children and enjoys scuba diving and boating in his free time.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/steve-dozier/10/903/623

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