The Top Five Ways Dealers Alienate their Customers

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Poorly handled customer service on the phone – or no answer at all!
  3. Irrelevant messages being sent via mail or email
  4. Poor website lead follow-up – or none at all!
  5. Substandard in-store customer service

The difficulty in establishing and maintaining a positive and effective relationship with your customers is prevalent, but the solution doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s face it, the above problems do exist and there are a lot of people who truly dislike going into dealerships – but your customers can be given an experience that will make them happy to continue coming back to your store for future purchases as well as regular service appointments. Even if your dealership is only guilty of one of the above offenses, correcting the situation is critical.

There are a few different solutions that will solve an array of problems you face with your dealership. The first is a Virtual Business Development Center (BDC). A Virtual BDC provides your customers with effective communication whenever a phone call is made or a lead is generated over the internet. The professional, helpful and friendly interaction will get your customers excited about working with you on the purchase of their new vehicle or service appointment. The Virtual BDC also allows your employees to focus on what their specialty is and provide great service to those customers who are already in your dealership.

The next solution is working closely along the timeline of the Customer Journey. The Customer Journey was developed by experts in the automotive and marketing field who dedicated time, research and energy to developing the most proficient and effective plan of communication on both a sales level and service level. By following this developed plan, you can count on always sending the most appropriate message to each customer when they need it most – and perhaps more importantly, never sending wasteful or unneeded communications, which can alienate your customer as well as become lost funds for your dealership. Following a continual plan of communication throughout each customer’s lifecycle will keep your dealership top of mind.

The last suggestion falls to that of the CSI – Customer Service Index. This is a pivotal part to your dealerships success because as everyone knows, those who have a bad experience are far more likely to talk about it and complain about it than those who have a good experience. It’s imperative that you know how your dealership is doing with all customers on all fronts. The CSI gives you a direct look at each sale and each appointment that your dealership handled, who helped the customer, and asks specific questions about various parts aspects of their visit. The CSI is a great tool to not only let your customers know that you care, but that you are taking proactive steps to improve their visit each and every time.

This approach and communication scheme will instill trust within your customers, which will lead them back through your doors again and again.

~ Amanda Lang

Marketing Coordinator, DMEautomotive

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