Outsourced Call Centers

Outsourced call centers are the most effective way to stay in consistent contact with your past customers. It can also be a catalyst to create new ones. Many dealerships feel they can take care of this on their own. Well, you can’t…especially if your sales people are responsible for maintaining the relationships. You need your sales people spending time with the prospects on the lot, not with customers on the phone. Outsourced call centers will save you time and money.

Keep your sales people locked in. Allow them to focus on the next sale. Every sale is valuable right now…especially as we move into the latter months of the year. You need to streamline your customer communication on every level. And a dedicated, specialized, industry focused call center is the best approach. It is also the most measureable.

The right call center can make all the difference in the world. It will be a centralized place where everything from CSI follow-up to new sales & service generation can be handled. An added value to using an outsourced call center is the wide range of information that is made available to you. You’ll receive clear, concise and accurate information from a neutral third party. Customers are more likely to give information to a third party than when speaking directly with the dealership.

In addition, the opinions and ideas you’ll receive from a call center will allow you to consistently improve your programs and processes. The correct data and script is paramount when attempting to create and maintain relationships with your customers. The agents making the calls are trained on specific programs and will be able to give recommendations based on the feedback they receive.

In summary, utilizing the right outsourced call center will create a new dynamic in your selling and retention process. The call center will generate new leads while your reps can focus on closing. Creating that cyclical motion will both save money in costs and increase revenue.

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