Top Ten Reasons to Outsource your Virtual BDC

Your first reaction to this title might have been that outsourcing your Virtual BDC will decrease customer interaction and increase costs when in fact, the opposite is true. There are direct financial benefits that come from outsourcing your Virtual BDC, and multiple indirect financial benefits that will arise as well. The brief list below outlines the advantages that come with outsourcing your Virtual BDC.

Top Ten Reasons to Outsource your Virtual BDC

1. Reduce and control operating costs of the in-house BDC by up to 75%

2. Improve company focus with consistent and relevant messaging

3. Gain access to unlimited capabilities 24/7 – scalability

4. Free up internal resources for other purposes such as revenue generation

5. Telephony operations – Difficult to manage or control

6. Answer the phone 100% of the time when a customer calls

7. Proactively follow up with leads in a timely manner

8. Consistent and timely prospecting for new customers

9. Real-Time Reporting & Recording of each call

10. Ongoing Quality Management and training of staff

All of these reasons for outsourcing your Virtual BDC will lead to a greater bottom line for your dealership in addition to providing your customers with a more satisfactory experience. Your employees in the dealership will have more time to dedicate to their in-store customers as well as other necessary duties and your customers who call in will never feel like are being placed on the back burner. The best solution for your Virtual BDC is to outsource it to a company that has the qualifications, experience and customer service skills to handle all issues for every one of your customers 24/7.

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