Turn The Table

What is the most effective message or technique you use when attempting to close a sale? On the flip side, what are the most popular excuses, objections and reasons for walking out given by your potential customers?

A few weeks ago we discussed the most effective message to use and the importance of bringing true value to every single dollar spent on your marketing & advertising. Now let’s talk about the best message to use once your prospect walks on the lot.

The customer is obviously there for a reason. Make the experience for them as smooth and comfortable as possible. A comfortable customer who feels ‘in control’ is much more likely to stay than one who feels threatened and out of control. There is one thing the customer will always feel in control of…their current vehicle…the vehicle they drove to the dealership…the vehicle they will be trading in if they decide to purchase another.

Many factors are considered by the customer when deciding whether to purchase a new vehicle or not. I’m sure all of you in the automotive industry have used the ‘four square’ technique. Well, here’s a better idea. Focus on the vehicle they are going to trade. Convince them that the amount of dollars spent on maintaining their current vehicle will far outweigh the cost of upgrading into a newer vehicle.

Ask questions about their vehicle. How old are the tires? When did you last have your brakes checked? Are you due for a mileage check up? All of those factors add to their current total cost of driving. When they see concrete numbers and feel as if they will be spending a considerable amount of money in the future, they’ll begin questioning themselves.

This technique completely turns the table and puts the onus on them. They won’t be thinking about being rushed into purchasing a new car…or even thinking about how pushy you sound. When this happens, not only will your chances of closing the deal increase…so will your gross profit.

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