Lombardi…Rockne…Wooden…Valvano…Brooks (Herb Brooks, for you non hockey fans). What do all of these people have in common? They are all among the best motivators in history. These men single handedly made their team and players better, even with lesser talent than their opponents. They instilled a feeling of belief… belief in team…belief in winning…belief in themselves.

A great motivator can turn a good team into a great, even dominating team. A great motivator doesn’t just get 100% out of each and every person on the team…they get 150% out of them. Each individual works hard for themselves, for the team…and for their coach. The leadership resonates throughout the team…and the team reacts accordingly. This type of success starts from the top, with a trickledown effect. The leader provides the belief…and the followers provide the victory.

So here’s the question. How can teams with no driven leader…no clear direction…and more importantly, no plan for improvement possibly succeed? Well, the easy answer is that people need to begin taking more responsibility in themselves.

Self-motivation is a long lost art. Too many people rely on others to get motivated…to get excited…to take action in a proactive way. I’m sure every one of you in the automotive industry have sat through weekly sales meetings, automotive marketing meetings or H.R. meetings where the leader of the group is a complete bore, with little or no enthusiasm. Well, create your own enthusiasm.

Everyone has heard the idea of ‘leadership by example’. You don’t need a Lombardi or Rockne to get motivated. Find something on your own and make it happen. Arrive to work on Monday morning with a clear goal and good attitude. I guarantee you…the mood resonates. The annoying and cynical people around you will gather together around you.

Quite simply…make your own luck. Everything starts and ends with you and your decisions. Sure, others can help guide and inspire…but the outcome is always up to you…no matter where the motivation originates.

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